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Hi everyone.  My name is Denise Davey. I started Jadens Gifts several years ago with my best friend Jane Haverson.  We created the name from the “Ja” in Janes name and the “den” in mine.  Sadly Jane passed in February 2019 after fighting cancer for several years, however the name is here to stay in her honour.
My interest in crafting started several years ago after my sister Louise taught me how to make bunting.  I found sewing very therapeutic so began to make items to sell at craft fairs.  I purchased one sewing machine and then another and soon I began creating various styles of bunting, cushions, aprons plus other items.  I then met my friend Victoria Jermany from Parlour Made, a craft shop located in Beccles, Suffolk, who introduced me to a whole crafting world out there.  My items are all for sale in her shop.  
What we do..
I also embroider any messages onto cuddly bears and can personalise them.  I have a large range of bears available so please check out my shop on Etsy.  I embroider worry messages on a variety of bears which have become very popular with children, Teachers, Social Workers and Foster Carers.  I have also created bears with birthing information on and this is a fantastic personalised unique gift for anyone that has just had a baby.

Jane and Denise
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