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What's in the Store?
We have various items that can be tailor made and personalised for you. To make it easier, we have separated them into various headings, each of which has its own gallery. To purchase items, please visit our store at Etsy. We do have items for sale at other locations such as Parlour Made in Beccles, The Vets at Wangford and Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations at Great Yarmouth.
Contact us to arrange personalisation of bears and also if you have any questions.
Jadens Tape
Embroidered Bears
We bring bears to life by embroidering their tummies with designs or wording, which can be personalised.
Jadens Sewing Machine
Christmas Bears
We have a variety of Christmas bears that we embroider, check out our gallery for individual designs.
Jadens Bobbin
Dog Accessories
We make tailor made plain, patterned or embroidered warning dog bandanas & other accessories to order.
Jadens Thimble
Additional Gifts
We also embroider many other items such as clothing and aprons.

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